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DIY - Assistive Technologies

Throughout the world the availability of Assistive Technology and Disability Resources is mixed

In many parts of the world both the costs of the technology and the difficulty in importing devices makes options very limited 

This part of the website acts as repository of ideas for aids and resources that you can build for yourself, or where access to a 3D printer is possible links to designs and specifications you can use  

Disability Aids

Screenshot of collection of Disability Aids

This first set of resources links to resources to support independent living. You can see reviews of people that have used the designs by viewing the designs in the collection

The full collection can be viewed at 

The collection includes 

  • Adapted Cot for disabled parents 
  • Motorised Blind openers
  • Kitchen and Cooking aids

DIY - Assistive Technologies

Screenshot of Collection of DIY assistive TechnologiesThis part of the collection focusses upon hardware devices that can be manufactured easily locally. Many require some basic electronics knowledge and proficiency with a soldering Iron etc 

The ideas and designs can be viewed at

The collection include 

  • Toy adaptations
  • Switches
  • Headpointer
  • Wiimote adaptations
  • Switchless adaptation 


3D Printables - Assistive Technologies

Screenshot of 3D printables Collection

This is a collection of useful assistive technologies that can be printed using the designs and specifications for each object. The idea is to help distribute designs for equipment where traditional methods of dissemination and distribution have been unsuccessful.

If you spot any other useful designs please send them to me for inclusion

So far these include 

  • Ipad Guards 
  • Pill boxes
  • MouthSticks
  • Wheelchair ramps 
  • Switches