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Final Old Newsletter

This was the final newsletter in the old format 

Everything has been updated since !!!

Access Technology, Today and Tomorrow

Newsletter 11 09

Welcome to the latest davebanesaccess and access collective newsletter

Lots of news and stuff this week and thanks for the feedback on the ATIA special. One quick update on the kindle switch interface - Origin tell me it is just completing FCC approval and should be on the site very soon 

The latest AT of the week is available at

This weeks AT of the week is Otomata

Anyway on with the news

Access Technology News 

Microsoft to turn your flat into a control pad 

Microsoft is developing technology that turns wall surfaces in every room of a house into control panels for videogames and appliances.
Unlike Xbox 360 accessory Kinect, which tracks movement through a built-in camera, Microsoft's latest tech tunes into electromagnetic fields leaking out of home wiring. 

Great case study: Why JetBlue faces an accessibility lawsuit 

The California Council of the Blind and three California residents with visual impairments have filed a lawsuit against JetBlue Airways in Federal Court for the Northern District of California. The lawsuit alleges that JetBlue has violated California law by maintaining a website and operating airport check-in kiosks that are inaccessible to individuals with visual impairments

Speech Recognition and Eye Tracking Combined 

Speech Dasher appears to allow writing utilizing a combination of speech and a zooming interface controlled with gaze using an eye tracker.

Twitter News

Attainment Switch: An app that turns an iPad into switches and a switch interface all in one!

Government Attorney Explains New Accessibility Rules For Vending Machines

Are your mobile apps accessible?

How Twitter can be an #accessibility tool for deaf

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Best of YouTube

As ever some great new videos of access technologies and accessibility from across the world all are playlisted at

Chromebooks and the Blind: Affordable Possibly Trouble Free Accessibility

How to change your color scheme

Learning Access Suite Overview Video

LookTel Money Reader
LookTel's Money Reader allows individuals who are blind or have low vision to know what denomination of money they have in their hands.

Introducing ZoomReader for the iPhone

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